19 May 2016 Exhibitions

Más que vanguardia. Arte portugués entre dos siglos

This exhibition is held in partnership with Caja de Burgos and features a vast selection of artists and works belonging to the Modern Collection. Arranged in four broad thematic areas (‘Before the Modern: The Instinctive Modern/the Aware Modern’, ‘A Weighing Scales in Search of Equilibrium: Worldly Elegance: Futurists and Expressionists: Caricature and Illustration’, ‘Metaphors of Reality: Abstraction, Surrealism and Neorealism’ and ‘Innovation and Restlessness: Different Geometries: New Challenges: Cinema and Experimentation’), the exhibition presents works created around the turn of the twentieth century, from the early modernist period (the 1910s and `20s) to the artists who worked in the more constrained political context of the Estado Novo. Besides including a broad selection of surrealist artists, it also takes in neo-realism, geometric abstraction and the experimental cinema of the 1960s and ‘70s.



19 maio – 14 agosto 2016



La Fundación Caja de Burgos – Casa del Cordón

Updated on 23 May 2016