Audit Review Commission

The Audit Review Commission is the Foundation entity responsible for account control.

The body is made up of the General Budgetary Director, the General Director of Social Action and three members nominated respectively by the Lisbon Academy of Science, the National Academy of Fine Arts and by the Bank of Portugal, on behalf of banking and financial institutions. The terms of these latter appointments are five years in length but are always renewable.

The Audit Review Commission and a duly accredited firm of chartered accountants – currently Ernst & Young – are the entities responsible for the constant inspection and verification of Foundation accounts.


Audit Review Commission Members:

  • Manuela Proença
    General Director of the Budget, Ministry of Finance
  • José Nuno Rangel Cid Proença
    General Director of Solidarity and Social Security
  • Manuel Porto
    Member designated by the Lisbon Academy of Science
  • António Valdemar (José Stone de Medeiros Tavares)
    Member designated by the National Academy of Fine Arts
  • Manuel Maçaroco Candeias
    Member designated by the Bank of Portugal


Updated on 07 June 2017