Prevention in Mouraria

This project prevents and tests for infection by HIV and other infections and connects migrants living in the neighbourhood of Mouraria with the relevant services. As well as focusing on health, intervention of a social nature has also proved to be essential in overcoming many of the difficulties that face these communities and hinder their access to services, specifically with regard to the obtaining of documents and social benefits.

This response has been recognised by the people concerned and currently constitutes a reference point for those who wish to have regular testing and a unique opportunity for those who have never been tested. In 2016, a cohort study will be implemented in partnership with the Public Health Institute of the University of Porto to attempt to shed light on the way that the behaviour of people who return to the centre evolves.

This project, which stems from a partnership between the Portuguese Activists’ Group on HIV/AIDS Treatments, Lisbon Town Council and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, has been earmarked as an example of good practice by the World Health Organisation in the latest guidelines on testing published by the organisation.