PARTIS – Artistic Practices for Social Inclusion

PARTIS, which ran for the second time in 2015, is a programme that allows the Gulbenkian Foundation to realize its conviction that art is an agent for inclusion and social change through its unique power to bring people together.

It has been designed to support projects that use artistic practices (music, photography, video, theatre, dance and circus arts) as tools to create bridges between communities that normally do not cross paths, representing an investment of around €1 million over a period of three years.

Where the second edition is concerned, 160 applications were received from all over the country and 16 new projects were selected to receive support over the three-year period between 2016 and 2018.

The projects that made up the first edition, some of which are still underway, completed their second year of existence, having given rise to 7963 activities and 321 public events (37,636 visitors/public) and reaching around 5791 direct participants. These projects involve 181 full-time professionals, 104 volunteers and 287 (public and private, profit and non-profit) partner organisations.

Updated on 28 September 2016