Mapping Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship in Portugal (MIES)

First phase: North, Centre and Alentejo

In January 2015, the final results of the first phase of this research project were presented. This initial phase mapped social entrepreneurship initiatives that showed a significant degree of potential in northern and central Portugal and in Alentejo.

In this mapping phase, 134 initiatives were identified which fulfil the criteria that define them as having a significant degree of social-entrepreneurship potential in the three regions: 57 in the Northern region, 48 in the Central region, and 29 in the Alentejo region. All the data collected is available at the website of the initiative at

The Social Entrepreneurship Institute and the Padre António Vieira Institute were responsible for creating MIES. The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, the EDP Foundation and the Competitiveness-Compete Operational Programme funded and participated in the project. Its national partners are IAPMEI (the Competitiveness and Innovation Agency), I.P., and RHmais, while its international partners are SIX (the Social Innovation Exchange) and the Euclid Network.