CADin de Setúbal Social Services

The Child Development Support Centre (CADin) works to tackle development issues or mental health problems in children and young people. It has a multidisciplinary clinical and technical team, encompassing child psychiatry and rehabilitation, among other disciplines, and aims to provide children with solutions suited to their needs.

The Bolsa Social [Social Service] project, developed at the CADin in Setúbal, seeks to ensure that all children and young people with special needs have access to the care that they need, regardless of the family’s economic resources and situation and regardless of whether or not they live in care.

Families who lack the means to pay for the cost of an intervention of this kind may request help from the Bolsa Social, which will bear a significant percentage of the cost of consultations, assessments and therapy. The Bolsa Social currently supports 17 people who have benefited from 12 consultations and 144 therapy sessions.