22 January 2016 Gulbenkian Museum

Gulbenkian Museum closes 19th century painting and sculpture gallery

In February, the nineteenth-century painting and sculpture gallery of the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum will be closed to the public so that the space can be rearranged as a trial for a forthcoming remodelling.

Renovação Museu Gulbenkian

Calouste Gulbenkian Museum

This work will not affect the contents of the rooms but will provide a foretaste of a new design of the space that has fewer divisions, allowing visitors a broader view of the collection. Throughout this month, the Lalique Room will be accessed through the exit.

The last time that the Museum undertook renovation work was in 2000, when it was completely renovated and modernised. Since then, several sporadic interventions have been carried out in certain areas of the Museum, including Egyptian Art, Ivories, Manuscripts and Flemish Painting.

Other works will subsequently be carried out in other areas of the Museum on dates that are yet to be established.

Updated on 22 April 2016