24 February 2016 General

The refugee crisis

European foundations demand action from Brussels

In an open letter to the European Commission and the European Parliament, signed by the Vision Europe Summit consortium of which the Gulbenkian Foundation is a member, the presidents of seven European think tanks and foundations told Brussels that the time has come to act “not individually and at the cost of others, but together, within a spirit of European solidarity”. The letter was sent on 15th March, two days before the European Council meeting convened to discuss the refugee crisis.
Set up in January 2015, the Vision Europe Summit consortium brings together the Bertelsmann Stiftung Foundation (Gütersloh, Germany), the think tank Bruegel (Brussels, Belgium), Chatham House (London, the United Kingdom), the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation (Turin, Italy), Notre Europe – the Jacques Delors Institute (Paris, France), Sitra – The Finnish Innovation Fund (Helsinki, Finland) and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

The open letter proposes concrete measure because “a common European approach is urgently needed to complement the local and national efforts”.


Open letter Vision Europe Summit

Updated on 26 April 2016