Policy Action

Increased scientific knowledge and public perception about the importance of marine ecosystem services do not necessarily lead to meaningful change in practices by public and private organizations.

To overcome this, the Gulbenkian Oceans Initiative is promoting within various institutions and organizations the integration of the economic value of marine ecosystem services into their regular activities and decision-making processes, as well as the adoption of monetary valuation methods to support them. It will advance the knowledge and interest of Portuguese institutions in natural capital accounting, and the adaptation of marine governance systems to such input.

In order to contribute to meaningful and lasting change, the GOI partners with other initiatives so as not to duplicate efforts and to fill existing gaps. This is the case of the growing involvement of the GOI in TEEB.

The GOI is also promoting the marine ecosystem service approach in public consultations at the local, national and EU levels where it finds it can contribute decisively to improve the knowledge base upon which decisions are made. These decisions include the definition of research priorities, marine spatial planning, environmental impact assessment, and the revision of coastal management plans and of marine protected area management plans.


Participation in events

  • Presentation of the project “Blue Natural Capital – and a sustainable business strategy” (EN) at the 8th  Ecosytem Service Partnership World Conference. Stellenbosh, South Africa, 9 – 13 November.
  • Participation at the panel discussion “Nature and the art of policy making” where we presented the white paper “Enabling Business Decisions that Integrate Natural Capital: Learning from a Complex Systems Perspective“, co-authored by Filipa Saldanha (Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation). World Forum on Natural Capital, Edinburgh (Scotland), 23-24 de November.
  • Presentation of the “Portuguese Case-Study” on the International Workshop on opportunities and obstacles for Natural Capital Accounting. Brussels, January, 27-28.
    Final report of the Workshop: From Obstacles to Opportunities –Towards an Action Plan for improved Natural Capital and Ecosystem Accounting Implementation


Supported events



Supported projects

* Project supported in the context of the Training in marine economics directed at Portuguese environmental NGOs and local associations.


Participation in public consultations


Updated on 07 March 2017