Project Grants

Outline of the application process

As part of its ongoing modernisation process, the Armenian Communities Department has digitalised the application process for project grants. The Department welcomes applications for grants to fund projects that fall within the scope of our Five-Year Programming Plan. Please read the Plan carefully to determine whether your project is eligible for support.

Award amounts are variable and depend on the project and its needs. There is no set limit on the number of grants that can be awarded, although each one of our programmes has a projected yearly budget, which are detailed in the Plan.

Our four priority areas will:

  • Promote the preservation of the Armenian language and culture, and the development of the diaspora by linking its different parts and by investing in education.
  • Develop a viable Armenia through investing in its youth and their commitment to civil society.
  • Improve Armenian-Turkish relations by sponsoring projects that encourage a common understanding of their long shared history.
  • Preserve and make available the Armenian literary heritage.

Students looking for support for their studies should refer to our other grant categories on this page.


Who is eligible?
Project Grants are open to all applicants, regardless of nationality or country of implementation. They must be related to Armenian culture and education.

Applications can be made throughout the year. Grant requests will be assessed in the weeks following their submission. We strive to take decisions and reply to applicants within two months of submission.

Applicants are invited to apply in English or French using the following forms. Please note: The form cannot be saved and returned to at a later time, so please complete all required fields carefully. Before filling it out you can browse the questions by clicking ´Next Page´ on the form.

Any questions should be directed to

Updated on 12 July 2016